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 Darkness fades to light

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Darkness fades to light Empty
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Rain beats down from a unearthly dark sky while thunder crashes and lighting light up the darkness to show the silhouette of a lone figure, Just standing there in the harsh cold rain with its head hangng down at the wet and muddy ground as the cold rain water soak through all the layers of clothing to the very bone under it's skin. While uncaringly it begins to walk from the safety of the street sidewalk into the center of the dangerous street. Just stops and waits silently for it's keeper to come and take it from te dark and dismeal world to a new world full of warmth and light. While ignoring the sounds of rushing cars and honking horns, looking up just once to see it's fate come full speed to it as a small smile lite it's face while screaking tires and crashing metal can be heard in the distances while the world of darkness fades into light.
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Darkness fades to light
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